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Online security and fraud screening services: how to buy and sell online without risks

20 September, 2018

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Pascual Bayo, Head of Paylands and expert in online payments

The main reason why many people are still reluctant to buy online is the mistrust about the online security level of virtual stores. The lack of knowledge about how their sensitive data will be used, especially credit or debit card details, by e-commerces, plus the news about fraud cases that sometimes appear in the media, result in part of the Internet users not making any online purchases because they don’t feel safe in this process.


How to feel safe when buying online?

There are very simple ways to be able to buy online with full security and confidence. In situations when you don’t want to use a credit or debit card, it’s possible to use a prepaid card that you’ll recharge with the amount of money that you’re going to use. Thus, in case of data theft, the card will have no balance and there will be no chance of fraud. The same procedure can be carried out with virtual cards, in fact, in many cases virtual cards are created specifically to buy online in the safest way.

But actually it’s not necessary to use virtual or prepaid cards to enjoy full online security when buying online. One of the most common practices when we don’t know the level of security of a website is to look for online reviews from other customers and read their opinions. In this way we get real information to decide whether or not we can trust the e-commerce.


How to feel safe when selling online?

But fraud risk doesn’t only affect users of e-commerces. In some cases the offenders are the buyers, who use fake or stolen cards to make online purchases. In these cases, to ensure that they are the real card owners, there’s a payment method called "secure payment" or 3D Secure. It works this way: once the user has entered the card number in the e-commerce, he’s redirected to the bank website, which will ask for a code sent by sms to the owner or a number of the coordinate card. If the card is stolen or false, the user won’t be able to complete the payment since he won’t have access to this information.

For this reason, it’s important to trust only payment solution providers who offer online security guarantees and updated fraud screening systems, such as 3D Secure. This is the only way to be safe when selling online and to offer, at the same time, the guarantee to your customers that your online store is completely reliable. But, above all, it’s crucial to verify that your online payment gateway complies with PCI regulations, a basic security standard that every provider that works with credit or debit cards data must be able to demonstrate.


Everyday more and more people start shopping online thanks to how convenient it is and, above all, thanks to word of mouth from friends and acquaintances, so it must be a priority to guarantee these new users a great level of security so they keep trusting online businesses.

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