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E-wallets in 2020: what an electronic wallet should offer to satisfy users

27 September, 2018

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There are many companies that have already made the most of the current technological boom to launch their own e-wallets. Banks, fintech companies and even some companies whose business activity is apparently far from the financial world have their own wallet apps on the market, but not all of them are equally successful. What is this due to? How should an e-wallet be in 2020 for customers to choose it over others? Today we’re going to give you the keys to create the perfect electronic wallet.


1. Independent e-wallet

Most banks nowadays offer their own  mobile wallet apps, so, if you want yours to be different, it must be independent from bank accounts and credit and debit cards. This independence offers users the flexibility to change banks without changing their electronic wallet, or even to use it without having a bank account.


2. Global e-wallet

Your customers will want to travel and they’ll need their electronic wallet to work anywhere. If you want to facilitate this service, the implemented technology must be autonomous and not require a specific infrastructure to function.


3. Secure e-wallet

This point is fundamental, it would be a big mistake to put an e-wallet on the market that doesn’t offer the maximum security guarantees to its users. The double authentication and the request of the personal pin for each operation are necessary measures to prevent theft, in the same way, it’s important the app doesn’t store sensitive data in the mobile device that can expose the user in the case of a fraudulent attack.


4. Multi-currency e-wallet

Including currency exchange as a feature in your e-wallet app will make it much more attractive to customers who carry out transactions in different countries or who travel often. If, in addition, it also allows to operate with cryptocurrencies and exchange them, you’ll be able to access a much wider audience.


5. Open and linkable e-wallet

But the feature that makes a wallet technology exceptional and that you’d rarely find in competitors’ apps is it being open and allowing links with external systems such as Visa and Mastercard, bank cores or blockchain. In this way the possibilities are multiplied and you can access audiences with very different needs.


Creating such a complete electronic wallet can be very complicated for a company whose main activity isn’t related to technological innovation. For this reason, at PaynoPain we put at our clients’ service the technology and professional team necessary for any company to launch their own e-wallet, including the features they desire and under their own brand.


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