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PaynoPain allies with PayPal to introduce ‘cashless’ at the Castellón University Jaume I

22 November, 2016

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The students of the Castellón University Jaume I have since this month an intelligent Clauer that allows you to pay for photocopies, stationery and in the cafeteria without having to carry cash. With the simple gesture of bringing the small keychain to the dataphone the purchase is made, whose charges can be viewed from an app on the mobile phone. That is the electronic payment solution that this PaynoPain course has put into operation in collaboration with the multinational PayPal.


The Clauer is already being used normally by 6,800 UJI students, who have received a loan for the first 500 copies on this device. The system was initially introduced in the Reprography service and in the Café dels Sentits of the university, with the aim of progressively extending to different internal services and businesses on the campus.


The keychain-purse is recharged through a specific app that is linked to the PayPal account of each student. PayPal's technology, combined with easyGOband, wearable NFC, guarantees students an easy, fast and secure payment. The application allows, in addition to consulting the money available and the history of operations, to perform automatic reloads of the Clauer when it runs out of balance with a pre-configured amount.

clauer-paypal-paynopain-uji Student pay with the new PayPal and PaynoPain's Clauer a photocopies at reprography service of the Universityy Jaume I. Photo: Damián Llorens (UJI).

Jaume I is the first Spanish university in which the American electronic payment giant applies this system with the Fintech of Castellón, after a long period of technical and security validation. The project is part of PayPal's strategy to connect with the young Spanish university public.


PaynoPain, specialized in new safe and comfortable means of payment, will assume the costs of the commissions on which it supports its business model with the aim of establishing a first strategic alliance with the American multinational. For the Castellón company it is an important step in its consolidation as a reference fintech after having its smart wristband, easyGOband, used for access and as a means of payment in major festivals, hotel resorts and major events around the world. Among other recognitions, she has recently been a finalista del South Summit in the fintech category.


Founded in 1998, PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) remains at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, offering the best ways to manage and move money. An open, secure and agnostic technology payment platform that businesses use to make secure transactions with their customers both online and in store and increasingly through mobile: in 2015 28% of the 4.9 billion payments processed PayPal were made through a mobile device. With 192 million active customer accounts, PayPal is a true global payment platform, available in more than 200 markets.

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