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Fashion festivals in Uruguay, Sunsets and PESF, implant the easyGOband smart bracelet

27 January, 2017

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After having successfully performed at more than 20 festivals and major events in Europe and Latin America during 2016, the easyGOband cashless payment system has been launched in 2017 at the two summer fashion festivals in Uruguay, the Corona Sunsets and Movistar Punta del Este Festival (PESF). The two musical events were held on January 6 and 7, respectively, on the East Punta's beachs, one of the most exclusive tourist areas in South America. The cashless technology developed by PaynoPain has allowed its nearly 10,000 attendees to pay for all their drinks simply by bringing their smart bracelet to an Android device.


Thanks to NFC technology, the easyGOband wristband has allowed the public of both festivals, with a markedly tourist profile, to enjoy its main advantages : forgetting to queue and control spending, without depending on the coverage or the battery of the mobile phone, without the need of ATMs and with total security. As simple as making a charge of previous money in the bracelets distributed by the public relations of the Sunsets and the PESF.


Musical festivals throughout Spain and Mexico or, recently, a minigolf tournament at Stockholm O'Learys Tolv (Sweden). The easyGOband smart bracelet has achieved in 2016 consolidate as an innovative, comfortable and reliable solution in dozens of small and large events in different countries, including the first experiences in hotels and resorts. Thus, Intur Hotels implanted it last summer to access rooms and the payment of services.


The success of the tool developed by PaynoPain has also been reflected with different international awards, such as being selected to participate in the ICEX immersion program in Silicon Valley or being a finalist of the last South Summit in the category of fintech companies. Finally, easyGOband has been endorsed by PayPal, since the US electronic payment giant has established an agreement with the Castellón company to implement cashless in the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón during this course with an intelligent keychain linked to an app.

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