PaynoPain y CoverManager optimizan los pagos en restaurantes
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PaynoPain and CoverManager team up to optimize payments in restaurants thanks to QR

02 April, 2024

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The catering industry will be able to avoid no-shows through advance payments, payment reservations and reconfirmation services.

The technology transition is here to stay in the restaurant industry. Online booking functionalities and table payments have contributed to improve services and guarantee a customer experience. PaynoPain, a Spanish technology company specialized in the development of online payment tools, and CoverManager, a technology partner for the hospitality industry that offers multiple solutions in the overall management of the restaurant business, have teamed up to digitize and optimize payment processes in restaurants.

Regarding the agreement, PaynoPain will make available to CoverManager its comprehensive and omnichannel online payment gatewayPaylands, whose adaptable, secure and fast interface aims to ensure an agile and intuitive user experience and simplify and accelerate payments from any device. For its part, CoverManager avoits No shows by implementing advance payments, payments reservations and reconfirmation services. In this way, restaurants can avoid the attitude of certain customers who made a reservation for a service and did not show up at the previously agreed upon time.

Automation of restaurant billing and ordering

CoverManager's digitized payment services allow restaurants to automate their billing and ordering processes so that customers can order and pay the bill through their mobile devices with its CoverAtTable application. Thanks to this, restaurants can select two modalities depending on the establishment's needs: pay-at-table service or order and pay-at-table system.

To access the website, diners simply scan the QR code or they can opt to receive an email or SMS. CoverAtTable is fully configurable and allows you to optimize table times to increase turnover, facilitate operations, streamline the user experience and monetize your business by decreasing wait time.

Processes are more online than ever. Practically no one goes to restaurants in person to make a reservation. It is a procedure that is done from mobile devices without having to leave home. That is why it is more advisable than ever to offer customers a simple, fast and effective payment experience, and for that, this type of service has become essential,"says Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

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