PaynoPain adds PayPal to its portfolio of payment methods
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PaynoPain adds PayPal to its portfolio of available payment methods

26 February, 2024

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PayPal joins the wide variety of payment methods alongside Bizum, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

PaynoPain, a fintech company specialized in the development of online payment tools, expands its range of payment methods by integrating PayPalinto its payment gateway, Paylands. PayPal is one of the most widely used wallets in the world, with more than 430 million active accounts, including 6,4 milion users in Spain en 2022. With this new integration, merchants can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by offering a widely recognized and trusted payment option such as PayPal.

PayPal: a key payment method to increase ecommerce conversions

PayPal transactions are fast and secure, offering protection for both buyer and seller. Its global recognition and wide accepteance make it an ideal payment method for customers from different countries and cultures. In addition, it is a solution that can be adaptedto all types o businesses , from ecommerce, to hotels, to crowdfunding platforms.

With this new integration, merchants will also havePayPal "Buy now, pay later", option, which allows users to pay in 3 installments for any of their purchases up to a maximum amount of €2,000. This will allow customers to purchase products or services for a larger amount and pay for them in a simple and convenient way, improving the payment experience andincreasing the value of the avarage ticket..

"PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets worldwide. We are aware of the trust that this payment method inspires in users, and that is why we have decided to include it in the variety of payment methods available in our Paylands payment gateway. At PaynoPain, we continue to strive to simplify payment processes for our merchants, offering them all the payment methods they require in a single platform,", says Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

Payment solution for all types of businesses

PayPal has become a fundamental and accessible payment option for all types of online businesses. For example, with the implementation of Paypal in theonline reservations of a hotel, it will allow guests to make payments in an agile way, even before their arrival at hotels or other accommodations. It will also allow the booking to be paid in three convenient installments, with no interest added, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

In ecommerce, integrating PayPal into online stores provides a fast and secure payment option, accessible to customers around the world, which can increase the level of customer confidence and, consequently, boost sales and global business expansion.

Advantages of paying with Paypal

PaynoPain highlights five key advantages to adding PayPal to the portfolio of available payment methods, offering merchants detailed insight into how this platform can optimize their online operations and improve the payment experience for both customers and merchants.

Secure transactions

PayPal offers total security in their transactions through the use of advanced encryption measures. This technology protects users' financial information, generating trust and significantly reducingthe risk of fraud. The implementation of robust security protocols ensures that each transaction is carried out in a safe and secure manner for both buyers and sellers.

Global reach

One of PayPal's most outstanding advantages is its ability to eliminate geographic barriers. Businesses that integrate PayPal canreach costumers around the world, regardless of their geographic location or local currency. This global accessibility extends the reach of online businesses and allows them to expand into new international markets quickly and efficiently.

Fast and easy checkout

Speed and simplicity are fundamental pillars of the PayPal payment experience. The platform streamliness the transaction process,allowing users to complete their purchases quickly and smoothly. This efficiency improves user satisfaction and can increase conversions by reducing friction in the checkout process and providing a smooth and satisfying customer experience.

Simplified financial management

PayPal offers a variety of tools designed to simplify financial management for online businesses. Merchants can easily access detailed reports on their income and expenses, allowing them to accurately track acurately track their financial activity.

Protected user

Safety and buyer protection are key priorities for PayPal. The platform offers a robust buyer protection system that allows users to file complaints in case of problems with their purchases. This protection guarantee strengthens customer confidence in the online purchasing process and contributes to improving the reputation of the business.

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