PaynoPain incorporates Apple Pay as a payment method
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PaynoPain incorporates Apple Pay as a payment alternative

11 April, 2023

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Due to the constant changes we have been involved in over the last few years, online and contactless payments have been progressively increasing and this was confirmed in the survey “New habits in payment methods in Spain” that we carried out at the end of 2022: 9 out of 10 users stated that they did not usually carry cash with them and 88% of them stated that they used to make online purchases from their mobile phone.

The truth is that in recent years, users have started to become familiar with wallets, contactless payments, payment alternatives such as Bizum and a whole series of payment innovations derived from digitalisation. These innovations have clearly defined objectives: to make payments easier for users, safer and more efficient, and to simplify digital payments for both physical merchants and ecommerce.

Apple Pay joins the wide variety of Paylands payment methods along with Google Pay, Bizum, Mastercard Click to Pay, among others

That’s why PaynoPain, as a fintech company specialising in payment solutions, wants our merchants to be able to choose the most suitable methods to meet their customers’ needs. So we have added Apple Pay to the portfolio of payment methods available on our Paylands payment gateway. From now on, merchants who have integrated the gateway into their business will be able to offer their customers the possibility to pay with their mobile phone or smart watch with Apple Pay.

Offering the ability to pay with digital wallets greatly simplifies the checkout process and reduces cart abandonment in online shops and therefore increases business conversions. Now, with Paylands you can provide a reliable, secure and flexible payment method that users can pay with confidence.

Faster, easier and more comfortable than using cards or cash

Wallets have become the second preferred payment method for customers to make physical purchases, after the bank card, and more than half of Spaniards already use a wallet. But why do we choose this payment method, and what do wallets offer that other options do not?

In the survey, users said that the main factors they considered when making a payment were convenience, security and omni-channel shopping. Apple Pay offers users a fast way to pay, with a seamless and simple payment experience.

Among the many benefits of Apple Pay payments are speed and ease of use. Users who own a device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or even an iPad already have the Apple Pay payment app installed, they just need to set it up. To do so, users simply need to locate the application on their Apple device, add the corresponding cards and they will be ready to use at any merchant. Another advantage of Apple Pay is that it is a very secure payment method, as any purchase must be authorised using Face ID, Touch ID or code.

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