PaynoPain launches Tap to Pay by Paylands, a new way to pay for freelancers and small business
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PaynoPain launches Tap to Pay by Paylands, a new way to pay for freelancers and small business

17 April, 2023

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In PaynoPain, as a fintech company, we want to create new solutions to help our merchants. Through our solutions we want to offer frictionless payment experiences for their costumers while maintaining security and convenience.

That’s why we are launching Tap to Pay by Paylands, a faster, simpler and safer way to pay that only requires a mobile phone and an app to accept payments. An alternative made for all types of businesses, but especially to help small businesses and freelancers, allowing them to leave the traditional physical POS in the past.

Easier and more convenient than the physical POS

How many times have we tried to pay in an establishment and not been able to do so because the physical POS had no connectivity, or because it had no battery, or because it had a problem printing the ticket? These are just some of the problems that consumers have when paying in some shops and they are much more common than we think.

That is why offering an alternative such as Tap to Pay by Paylands could be the solution that many businesses have been waiting for. All you need is an Android device with NFC (it can be either a mobile phone or a tablet) and with our app you will be able to start receiving payments.

The merchant will have to open the app, type in the amount of the transaction and the customer will have to bring their mobile phone or card close to the mobile device. The payment process is greatly streamlined for both the merchant and the customer, creating a better payment experience.

An ideal alternative for delivery

Many freelancers work in different locations throughout their day, for example a plumber or locksmith, a taxi driver, a tour guide, a hairdresser or make-up artist who has to travel to brides’ homes to prepare them for their big day. And there are thousands of other cases like these. These people need an alternative to charge their clients and not have to carry around yet another piece of junk to keep an eye on. With just their mobile phone they can receive payments through Tap to Pay by Paylands.

Do you think we can be the best payment gateway for your business? Contact us!

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