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PaynoPain obtains certification as a digital payment gateway in Mexico and Colombia

17 February, 2017

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We crossed the pond definitely with new doors open in the Latin American market hand in hand with local partners with very good prospects for the future. PaynoPain has recently achieved official certification as a digital payment gateway in Mexico, Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic after having been operating in the European Union for several years thanks to the validation of Redsys.


A very important step, since from now on we can offer the payment gateway service in these countries to our Spanish and regional customers. Thus, companies such as the Barcelona financial services manager Unnax or the Booking Motor tourist booking system will be able to use PaynoPain's online payment system in Latin America, opening up new opportunities.


In Mexico it has been accredited by the banking processor Prosa, by the hand of the company MIT (Marketing, Ideas and Technologies), a collaborator of Banco Santander that offers payment services and data phones. In Colombia, accredited by Credibanco, the local partner is Payvalida, a payment platform with close to one million users.


PaynoPain's digital payment services in Latam will also be characterized by offering agile and intuitive solutions for users, while guaranteeing the highest security standards through the PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standars Council).

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