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PaynoPain receives the recognition of Innovative SME

25 September, 2017

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At PaynoPain we are celebrating after having been chosen as an Innovative SME by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. This important seal entails the official recognition of PaynoPain as a company that leads the way in innovation and is, therefore, a benchmark in R+D+i within the Spanish business fabric.


There are different requirements that can be met for a company to be recognized as an Innovative SME, in the case of PaynoPain our own business activity has the necessary characteristics of innovation to be worthy of such a distinguished seal.



The innovative nature of PaynoPain lies in its essence, from its intrinsic values ​​to the smallest details of each project. This is possible because we are constantly searching for new technologies and new talents to add value to our products and achieve results never before achieved.


As is logical, this work philosophy has a direct impact on behalf of our customers and the final consumer in the form of time, effort and money savings. Because for us, innovation is synonymous with wellbeing and quality of life for society, and this is undoubtedly something that is really worth investing all our efforts.


But we must recognize that recognitions like the one we celebrate today are what motivate us day after day to continue working to be the first within the fintech sector, from illusion but also from hard work. And, as we have seen, the maximum beneficiaries of our search for excellence are, without a doubt, our customers, companies that in turn manage to offer high quality services and security to the public.


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