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In PaynoPain we renew the PCI DSS in its version 3.2

25 January, 2018

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The PCI DSS, or Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry, is an essential requirement to guarantee the security of companies and consumers that operate with payment cards. This standard has been active for more than 10 years, periodically increasing and improving its requirements to favor the anti-fraud fight, a priority that also guides our work in PaynoPain.


And in order to offer our customers maximum security and peace of mind, with the appearance of each new update of the PCI DSS, at PaynoPain we immediately start up to meet the required requirements and renew compliance with the standard version after version. That is why we are happy to announce that we have already achieved compliance with the 12 requirements demanded in version 3.2 of the standard, thus renewing our compliance with the regulations once again.



As is well known, one of our priorities at PaynoPain is to be able to guarantee maximum security for our clients, because only with a very high self-demand and constant research work can it become a benchmark in anti-fraud security. And, without a doubt, fulfilling each version of the PCI DSS is an indisputable task within our daily work route map, something essential but at the same time highly valued by our partners and customers, who achieve in their collaborations with PaynoPain a tranquility that few can offer


And it is only by meeting and exceeding the requirements established by the Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry can we achieve what we are today: a reference in anti-fraud security within the fintech sector of online payments to international level.


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