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The 4 key points to choose the best payment gateway for your online business

30 August, 2018

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Maybe you have had a great idea and you’re about to create your own e-commerce. Or maybe your store has been working well for a while and you've decided it's time to take it online. Or you may have a hotel that gets many online reservations but you want to improve security conditions and reduce commissions on your sales... Whatever it’s the case, what is clear is that you need a new payment gateway and you want to make sure you choose the one that best suits the needs of your online business.

The problem is that if you don’t know what requirements you should ask for to an online payment gateway, it’s easy to end up paying too high commissions, having technical limitations or suffering security failures. For this reason, from PaynoPain, as experts in online payment methods, we want to provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can choose the payment gateway that best suits your online business:


Maximum safety

Without a doubt this is the most important requirement when selling online. It is essential that you can assure your clients that their sensitive data will never be compromised and, of course, to know for sure that your e-commerce can’t be the victim of a fraudulent attack.

If you want to get these benefits, we recommend you to demand your online payment platform to fulfill, at least, these requirements: PCI-DSS normative, 3D Secure authentications, sensitive data tokenization and anti-fraud system based on big data. This is the only way your payment gateway can guarantee you maximum security and prevent fraud for you and your customers.


Increase sales

Once you know for sure that your online payment gateway is the safest it can be, you’ll undoubtedly be interested in increasing the sales of your online business. Although it may seem that this has nothing to do with the payment gateway, the truth is that many sales are lost due to having a payment process that is too long or generates distrust.

What should you ask to your payment platform in this regard? It should have the minimum number of steps as possible to complete a payment, work perfectly on any device, allow the tokenization of cards and recursive payments and be fully integrated with your brand image to seem trustworthy to customers.


Easy integration and high quality support service

We know that not all companies have an IT department, but whether you have it or not, it’s also important that your payment gateway provides you the easiest integration and technical processes. Therefore, remember to check if it has a plugin for your e-commerce (woocommerce, magento or prestashop), because this will greatly facilitate the implementation.

In the same way, in your daily work you’ll greatly appreciate if your provider offers a fast and effective support service when a problem arises. In this regard, it is preferable to opt for providers that aren’t too big to ensure personalized and high quality attention, as is the case of PaynoPain.

But also, if your online business operates in several countries or you aspire to do so in the future, you’ll need to offer coverage in any country and allow to pay with different local payment methods. Remember to check these too.


Low commissions

And, of course, we don’t forget the importance of the price, especially when it comes to an online business that is starting or that seeks to improve financial results. Possibly this requirement is the one most valued by most companies but also the most difficult to obtain, especially if we add it to all the previous requirements.

Is it possible to find a fully secure payment gateway that improves sales, offers easy integration, has a high quality support service and, in addition, has low commissions?

Although it seems impossible, the truth is that PaynoPain's online payment gateway meets all these requirements and many more. That's why we encourage you to compare the conditions of your current payment platform with those offered by ours and check the difference that our service would mean to your online business.


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through this form and we’ll be happy to advise you:

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