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The popularization of mobile payments brings us closer to a completely cashless future

23 August, 2018

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Fernando Gregori, CTO of PaynoPain and mobile payments expert


It’s easy to remember when, not so many years ago, online shopping generated distrust in society and only a small percentage of users trusted to buy online. Today it’s so normalized that many of us buy more online than in physical stores, we even make the groceries shopping online.

And something similar is happening with mobile payments. Years ago there were some mobile payment apps but they didn’t have the trust of the consumer. Currently, with the entry of the giants Apple and Samsung into the mobile payments market and the emergence of multiple payment solutions and money transfers from other companies, the upward trend is more than evident: globally it was registered in 2017 an increase of almost 36% in contactless mobile payments. Some years ago citizens weren’t ready, as happened with online shopping; now, however, they are.


Mobile payments in the world

It is noteworthy that in many parts of China mobile payment methods are the most usual (62.2% of global mobile payments). I was able to corroborate it when I was on vacation in some of the biggest cities of that country and I verified that the only ones that paid with card were the tourists. But in Spain there has also been a very good acceptance, between 2016 and 2017 mobile store payments increased by 18% and one in three users would be willing to try this technology.

In developing countries, where access to banking services is very difficult, e-wallets and mobile payments make it easier for citizens to access their money in a similar way to a bank account. They can send money to friends and family and be able to use it in stores as a credit card. It is in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Gabon, Paraguay and Namibia where 40% of the population use mobile payments as a substitute for having a bank account (GSMA data).


How to create your own e-wallet

If you are thinking about creating your own payment system or your own app, you will probably doubt how to compete with the big companies. The key to finding a place in the market is always to offer something more, something different, a value-added differentiation. At this point it’s complicated to innovate but it’s not impossible. For example, some companies are starting to use these technologies in wearables devices. They introduce electronic payments as a service in smart devices like bracelets or watches.

At PaynoPain we also have our own way of innovating. Our mobile payment technology, in addition to the mobile payment itself, also allows us to offer an electronic wallet service for managing money, sending it, withdrawing cash and paying in stores. In addition, as a value-added differentiation, we can introduce e-commerce services such as customer loyalty programs, promotions and even inventory management. As I said, you have to offer something more. But, above all, you shouldn’t reject the option of ordering a customized solution to cover a market niche for which the existing generic solutions do not fully work.


Statistics source: Ditrendia

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