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The payment needs of online tourism companies

23 May, 2019

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Internet has been a revolution for tourism companies. The most notable advantages of online tourism companies are that the purchase process can be facilitated to the maximum, is accessible globally and has minimal costs for operation and communication compared to traditional tourism companies. There are few companies in the tourism sector that aren’t online now, knowing that the traditional channel has its days numbered.


But online transactions have the problem, in sectors such as tourism, that the personalized treatment and the trust that this generates are lost, so it’s important to compensate by choosing technologies that generate reliability and facilitate the procedures to the customers to the maximum. Let's see the key points that a tourism company should take into account when choosing a payment gateway:

  • Maximum integration and security: to inspire trust in customers when making payments, it’s important that the payment gateway is integrated into the website itself. And to increase this reliability and offer the safest experience, the payment gateway must have means such as 3DSecure, tokenized payments and a good anti-fraud system.
  • Minimize chargebacks: chargebacks or refunds can become a real problem for online tourism companies. Providing the maximum possible information and in the most detailed way can help reduce them, but for the part that corresponds to fraudulent uses of credit or debit cards it’s important to have a payment technology that minimizes the risk.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion: having a DCC service is especially interesting in this sector, since it allows you to sell in other countries without having to offer different currencies. Thus, it’s the payment gateway itself that allow to pay in any currency, without the owner of the site having to do anything.
  • Payments with cryptocurrencies: yes, you read correctly, offering payments with cryptocurrencies is a reality if you choose the appropriate technology. Offering this service is a great marketing strategy that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competitors and reach that target audience that loves the blockchain and will always prefer to pay with a cryptocurrency.

Paylands is the payment gateway that has all these advantages: an own anti-fraud system, payments tokenized with 3DSecure, Dynamic Currency Conversion service, alternative payments such as cryptocurrencies and more.

Contact us so we can inform you in detail and without obligation and you’ll be able to have our payment platform implemented in your site in a very short time.

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