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What is it like to work at the fintech company PaynoPain?

25 July, 2019

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PaynoPain is one of the most innovative and recognized fintech companies within the Spanish payment vertical. And what makes this level of innovation and growth possible is the human team behind it, a group of professionals passionate about their work that drive the company thanks to the constant generation of knowledge.

 After having interviewed the entire workforce, it’s easy to understand why teamwork is such a natural thing in PaynoPain, as all team members mention it as an identifying factor of the company that they value above all, alongside with technology , innovation, passion and professionalism.

 We have compiled examples of the opinions of the whole team to be able to offer a very close picture of what it’s like to work at the fintech company PaynoPain:


How is the work environment and the human team of PaynoPain?

The work environment is a determining factor for the satisfaction of workers and the productivity and development of a company. After all, we spend 8 hours a day in the workplace, so feeling comfortable and welcomed in that space it’s essential for projects to succeed and team members to enjoy it. 

All PaynoPain employees agree on the great capacity we have as a work team to act collectively, give feedback to each other and always be willing to help with problems that may arise. The welfare of the workers is palpable, as exemplified in the opinion expressed by one of the PaynoPain Developers: “It’s a very familiar environment and I feel very comfortable. Everything that’s being done in the company to improve the [life] quality of the employees is wonderful”.


What have you learnt by working at PaynoPain?

We’re convinced that the most valuable asset we have is the talent accumulated by the professionals that form PaynoPain, that’s why we’re committed to continuous training and sharing sessions of innovative knowledge and ideas.

We all agree on something: our ability to work in a team has grown very noticeably since we’re part of the PaynoPain team. This is explained by one of the most veteran members of the company: “I’ve learned a lot of things at every step, highlighting the passion in PaynoPain, seeing the people who are involved in the development of the company [...] A young team that is full of energy”.


What makes PaynoPain different in its sector?

That PaynoPain is an innovative company is known by anyone who has collaborated in any way with us, but who best know the factors that differentiate us within the fintech sector are those that make it possible: the work team. 

Most of the interviewees emphasize that we, as a company, are very close to the clients, well above the average within the sector. The relentless search for solutions to our clients' needs is another distinguishing feature: "I think what makes us different, apart from having the best team, is that we’re restless and always look for the best solution to daily problems”.

Other statements with which we have been defined: "We’re always ahead, we always think before what companies need" or "Within the sector we’re quite leading in terms of technology, we venture to try to implement any technology that is coming out”.


As we have seen throughout the post, PaynoPain is a fintech company in which we take care of every detail so that both the human team and customers are satisfied day after day with the results. In addition we’re constantly growing, so if you consider yourself a curious and restless person and have experience in the sector, don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about work by filling out the followinig form. We want to hear from you!

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