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Mobil gas stations chain relies on PaynoPain’s technology to create its own app

09 May, 2019

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In 1999 Exxon and Mobil merged to form Exxon Mobil Corporation and today they are the largest listed oil and petrochemical company in the world and present on all continents. Mobil has thousands of service stations around the world where they fill and rest countless people every day. With the aim of offering a better service to its customers, Mobil Ecuador has opted to create a loyalty club and a mobile application that offers discounts and advantages to its regular customers. And for this they have chosen the cutting-edge technology we develop in PaynoPain, specifically they asked us to create an app with many of the tools offered by CHANGEiT technology. Let's see some of the main advantages that the Mobil app will offer its customers:
  • Virtual Loyalty Card: with the aim of encouraging its customers to continue using their services and differentiate themselves from the competition, Mobil will offer a virtual loyalty card.
  • Discounts and promotions: a very attractive way to incentivize sales and retain even more the customer, who will choose the Mobil gas stations to obtain discounts and take advantage of temporary promotions.
  • Accumulate points: gathering points with the purchases made at the Mobil gas stations customers can enjoy different advantages, only available to app users.
These loyalty tools are some of those that our CHANGEiT e-wallet technology allows to implement in a customized app, however there are many more and very diverse options. Wallet tools allow, for example, send and receive money, pay in shops, withdraw money from ATMs and even pay bills. It also offers the connection with a banking core and even with the blockchain. If you are looking for an opportunity like this for your company, discover how we can create for you an electronic wallet and/or loyalty app under your own brand with our CHANGEiT e-wallet technology. Learn more about it, contact us through this form:
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