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Have you believed any myth about online shopping? We explain some of the most common

02 May, 2019

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How many times have you heard that buying online is not safe or that you run the risk of being a victim of fraud? Do you think this is a real risk or an unfounded myth?


First of all, we must be clear that every day purchases over the Internet increase and, in the same way, also increase the security measures that guarantee the safety of customers. It is normal that if you don’t have previous experience buying online you feel some distrust when putting the purchase data on a website, but is there any real reason to feel this distrust?


We are going to solve the most common myths about online shopping so you can buy much more peacefully:


Myth 1: Paying with a debit or credit card is not safe.


Many people don’t dare to use this payment method to pay online and even in physical stores because they distrust its level of security. Cash creates the fictitious sense of greater control over money.


Credit and debit cards are a tremendous advance compared to cash, provide greater convenience and, although it may seem otherwise, security. A stolen card can be blocked in a matter of seconds, while a stolen amount of cash is virtually impossible to recover.


When paying online, the most secure payment gateways, such as Paylands, offer the most advanced security measures, minimizing the possibilities of fraud and ensuring a secure sales experience for both the online business and its user.


Myth 2: Online purchases are difficult to make

There are people who because their lack of experience or having heard some myth on the subject believe that they won’t be able to carry out an online purchase. At the same time, his fear helps perpetuate this unfounded myth.


The first years of online commerce, with much more rudimentary platforms, much lower quality internet and the lack of user experience, effectively buying online could be a challenge. But today, companies make sure they create very easy to use web pages to simplify and expedite the purchase process. It’s as easy and simple as going to a physical store and much faster, as it saves time avoiding the queues.


Myth 3: International purchases are more insecure than domestic purchases and products are often lost along the way


When you have little experience buying online, the fear of fraud multiplies if the company you want to buy something is located in another country.


Online stores, whether international or not, have security and return policies. The customer’s informed at all times of the purchase process, in addition to offering many ways to contact the company: telephone, e-mail and social networks. Nowadays it’s really difficult to be a victim of fraud or not to receive a product and, in case of any of these situations, the customer always recovers the entire money of the purchase.


The reality is that buying online is just as safe and much more practical than buying in a physical store. If you have an online business and you want your buyers to feel safe and protected at all times, offer them the payment service with more guarantees, a gateway with the latest anti-fraud technology such as Paylands. Contact us for more information through this form:

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