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PaynoPain obtains the CDTI support to develop a smart wallet

25 April, 2019

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The objective of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), an institution under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, is to promote innovation and technological development of Spanish companies by financing and supporting R+D+i projects. However, getting the support of the CDTI is not easy, since a series of requirements that demonstrate the level of innovation and commitment to the project that the applicant company has must be met rigorously.


It is for this reason that at PaynoPain we are proud to announce that we have just completed the project that was granted to us two years ago, when we officially received the support and help of the CDTI to develop our smart wallet project. This product has an innovative approach because it is a wallet technology that integrates:

  • A tool for the analysis of historical data.
  • A user behavior intelligence tool
  • An anti-fraud and AML (Anti Money Laundering) system
  • Wireless technologies: NFC, QR and Bluetooth

An ambitious project that brings together all the most experienced areas that we have in PaynoPain and that will allow us to create an innovative product and improve the day-to-day management of the final customer. And it is this innovative vision that has been recognized by the CDTI in PaynoPain and in our project when it comes to believing in us and choosing us as beneficiaries of its aid, as the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness recognized when choosing us as an Innovative SME. An institutional support that, without a doubt, has allowed us to create a product that lives up to our high quality standards and to gain even more international projection.

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