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Hospitality Payments Channel, a must-have to improve hotel efficiency.

15 December, 2022

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Project Background


At PaynoPain we have a vertical of specialized payment solutions for hotels and tourist accommodations such as our payment gateway Paylands or Proxy PCI. Some time ago, thanks to our experience in the sector, Creativetecno contacted us to help them in the process of improving payment processes and we started our collaboration. Creativetecno is an all-in-one solution that offers the services of Channel Manager, PMS, guest communication, among others. At the beginning, from PaynoPain as experts in payments, we were in charge of helping you with the process of securing the cards sent by the OTAs, as well as their authentication and subsequent sending of no-show charges or any other guest consumption.


What is the Hospitality Payments Channel?


We soon discovered the enormous potential of the project thanks to its simplicity, its agility and, above all, because it focuses on a specific type of hotelier, being the perfect tool for owners of vacation rental accommodations and for medium or small hotels. Therefore, we started a more complete collaboration, including in our product portfolio the "Hospitality Payments Channel". This is a management tool that connects Paylands' payment functionalities with the connection, booking download, rate upload and availability management capabilities of a Channel Manager. Its main objective is to facilitate the collection of bookings sent by OTAs such as or Expedia, web bookings or those managed at the front desk.


Next, we are going to know a little more about this alliance with Alejandro Dominguez, CEO of Creativetecno.


You are a very young entrepreneur, why did you decide to develop a tool for the hotel world?

Since I was very young I felt the need to create something useful and productive for others. I knew the hotel world firsthand and I saw many things to improve in the software being used, so I ventured to create an easy, intuitive system designed by and for hoteliers.


How has your product evolved since the integration with Paylands?

Our integration with Paylands has helped us to offer a much more complete and automated product, especially in these times where everything is practically immediate.


What is the functionality you would highlight the most in the Hospitality Payments Channel?

The automatic collections. Now you don't have to worry about whether the reservation has been charged or if the payment or cancellation deadline has passed, thanks to the integration with Paylands the system executes payments autonomously, notifies invalid cards and retries failed payments.


Can a medium to large hotel use the Hospitality Payments Channel?

Definitely, as it can take advantage of all its functionalities such as its wide number of sales channels (OTAs) or its integration with Paylands for automatic collections. You could even connect with your existing PMS.


What would you say to that owner who is still using the Booking backend?

Don't be afraid of change. Sometimes change is necessary, and when it comes to improving work efficiency even more so. Our clients have improved their turnover by an average of 30% since using our solution, since the time they used to spend on, for example, collecting bookings, is now invested in finding new sales channels and keeping their ad updated, which translates into an increase in productivity and thus more bookings.


What are the next steps you have in mind for the Channel Manager?

Continuing to improve it. We are in constant contact with all our customers and their feedback helps us to continue incorporating new functionalities and integrations. In the coming months we are considering adding payment options with other non-card payment methods, such as Bizum for Spanish travelers, Sofort for German travelers and Giropay for other northern European countries.

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