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PaynoPain adds instant transfers among its payment options

27 June, 2023

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At PaynoPain we want to keep innovating to make payments easier for our customers. That is why we integrated instant transfers among the payment options of our Paylands payment gateway.

Instant payments have revolutionized the financial world. Their qualities, among which speed and convenience stand out, allow transactions to be carried out immediately without neglectingsecurity, since they use the most advanced authentication technologies. In addition, they reduce costs, streamline processes and eliminate intermediaries, thus transforming the way in which people carry out financial transactions worldwide.

Aware of the need to offer its customers secure and agile methods, from PaynoPain, as a fintech specialized in the development of online payment tools, we have incorporated instant transfers to our payment portfolio to offer one more alternative to our merchants.

“At PaynoPain, we are constantly attentive to the latest trends in payment methods. A few months ago, we integrated Apple Pay, we recently launched Tap to Pay and now we are pleased to announce the addition of instant payments. These fit perfectly with the needs of the market, which demands immediate, agile payment solutions with international reach, without compromising cost reduction,”said Jordi Nebot, CEO and Co-Founder of PaynoPain.

An ideal alternative for issuing payments to customers and suppliers.

Beyond making payments a simpler, faster and more transparent process,instant transfer enable instant transfers to issue payments to customers and suppliers or to manage invoice and payroll payments. These can be especially useful in situations where an immediate response is required, such as paying urgent invoices, sending funds to suppliers or conducting business transactions in real time.


A continuación, vamos a explicarte algunas otras ventajas de las instant transfer como alternativa para tu negocio.

  • Immediacy: until now, many transfers have taken time or an additional payment for speed. Now, thanks to this new payment method, the transaction can be made seven days a week and 24 hours a day, and in less than 10 seconds. In other words, the payment is made quickly.
  • International reach: transfers can be carried out throughout the SEPA area, which includes more than 36 countries. This is the area in which users and companies can pay and receive payments in euros, regardless of their location and regardless of whether such payments require cross-border processing.
  • Lower costs: when transacting from one account to another, other players are eliminated. In this way, costs are much lower and processes are simpler for both companies and customers, boosting efficiency and saving resources when carrying out operations such as payment to customers, suppliers or payroll.

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