PaynoPain presents at HIP Expo the technology to revolutionize payments in the hospitality industry.
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PaynoPain presents at HIP Expo the technology to revolutionize payments in the hospitality industry.

31 January, 2024

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PaynoPain will be present from February 19 to 21 at Expo HIP 2024 to offer innovative payment solutions and boost the Horeca sector.

PaynoPain, Spanish fintech specialized in online payment methods, will participate in the new edition of the Horeca Professional Expo (HIP 2024). The event will be held from February 19 to 21, with the aim of boosting the growth of the hospitality industry. PaynoPain will present payment technology solutions aimed at optimizing the efficiency of restaurants at the stand in Hall 3 of IFEMA, stand 3B244.

Expo HIP 2024 brings together leaders and entrepreneurs determined to lead the new era of hospitality. An environment where innovations, products and solutions will be presented with more than 400 companies, 1000 product categories and interactive areas. In addition, it will feature more than 450 international speakers and 25 specific agendas and summits tailored to each professional profile.

Digital payments in restaurants

The digitization of payments in the hospitality industry is achieving grater efficiency and profitability in restaurants. In this context, cash payment is becoming obsolete and new alternatives are emerging. In response to the growing demand for digital solutions, new payment systems have emerged that allow diners o pay securely and conveniently via mobile. This technological evolution not only enhances the customer experience, but also optimizes management time and expands business opportunities. To keep up with these trends and ensure quality service, hospitality companies must adopt these new payment technologies. In this regard, PaynoPain will present three innovative payment methods designed to increase user satisfaction:

Accepting mobile payments, the ultimate for hospitality.

Accepting mobile payments, the ultimate for hospitality. Tap to Pay technology is revolutionizing the way customers transact in the hospitality industry. By offering a secure and agile alternative to traditional payment cards, this solution minimizes operating costs for restaurants and offers greater convenience by eliminating the need to carry a card reader everywhere. In addition, it helps to streamline payments on the premises and increase customer turnover, since all waiters will be able to charge with their phone and not depend on the same dataphone.

With Tap to Pay, customers can make payments quickly and easily by simply bringing their cell phone or card close to a Tap to Pay-enabled device, streamlining the payment process and enhancing the customer experience. This system uses near field communication (NFC) technology to enable secure data transfer between the customer's device and the payment terminal, ensuring the confidentiality of financial information.

QR payments

En línea con la tendencia contactless, los pagos por QR se han convertido en una opción popular en España, especialmente tras la pandemia. Inicialmente adoptados como medida para evitar el contacto con los menús físicos en los restaurantes, esta práctica se ha mantenido vigente hasta el día de hoy. Los pagos a través de código QR ofrecen una experiencia de pago segura y ágil, permitiendo a los comensales escanear un código único generado por su restaurante para completar la transacción de manera rápida y sencilla.

The restaurant issues its own QR code to the customer, which includes account information such as what the customer has consumed, the type of service and the price to be paid. Subsequently, the diner scans the code with his smartphone and approves the charge, redirecting it to his card or bank account.

With QR payments, you can offer your customers a modern and secure way to pay, while streamlining the workflow in your store. In addition, QR codes can contain additional information, such as order details, links to digital menus, promotions or loyalty systems, further enhancing the customer experience.

Pay by link

Los pagos por enlace o pay by link son una opción innovadora que simplifica el proceso de pago y puede ayudar a los restaurantes a aumentar sus ventas. Al permitir que los clientes realicen transacciones de manera rápida y segura a través de un enlace de pago personalizado, esta solución elimina las barreras tradicionales del pago en persona y agiliza las transacciones. Con plataformas como Paylands, puede implementar fácilmente esta solución sin necesidad de una integración compleja ni conocimientos técnicos. Crear enlaces de pago es sencillo e intuitivo.

In addition, payment links are a tool that is fully customized to each customer's brand and style. In this way, merchants can offer their customers a payment experience that matches their style, in a secure and convenient way. Likewise, with the Paylands payment gateway, hoteliers will also have at their tracking and analytics tools that will allow them to better understand their customers' purchasing behavior and adjust their sales strategy accordingly.

"Increasing consumer demand is driving businesses to look for fast, efficient and secure solutions to maintain and increase sales. Tap to Pay, link payments and QR codes are seen as the alternatives of the future in the hospitality industry, not only to improve the payment experience for customers, but also to optimize the restaurant operations," says Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

All the alternatives for digitizing the payment process in restaurants improve efficiency in the dining room by reducing waiting times and facilitating staff operations. This increases table turnover and the average ticket, providing profitability to the restaurant. All this to help restaurateurs and improve the customer experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover these innovative payment solutions at HIP 2024. Visit the PaynoPain booth in Hall 3 of IFEMA, stand 3B244, from February 19 to 21.

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